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February 11, 2008



Honest truth here, Salieri ... and what I find most amusing about you "professional musicians" is that you're so hard on yourselves, I don't see how you take any joy from music, much less your own abilities, at all.

Case in point: Friday night, I was listening (jaw around my knees) to Lisa roll through Grieg's Piano Concerto in A-Minor before we went out to see you at the Chatterbox. Pounding minor chords and endless arpeggios are "stress relief" for her.

After hearing you play for about ten minutes, she turned to me and said, "I would give anything if I could write songs and play improvisation like that. I just never learned those kinds of chops." I think she referred to herself as an "organ grinder's monkey" rather than "hack" ... but her self-deprecating sentiment was the same as yours.

Personally, I can't even play her warm-up exercises (believe me, I tried), but at least I can still take joy out of faking my way through a Steve Winwood or Billy Joel song. I have a lot of fun playing within my limited abilities (just as long as nobody hears me doing it).

Big cliched observation: If we were all Beethoven or Chick Corea, how could we appreciate their achievements? So, it's all a matter of perspective, I suppose.

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