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January 03, 2012



It's actually not new for him. If you listen, back in '79/'80 he lifted portions of the Cloud City Theme in ESB from that Frank Langella Dracula movie. Then about ten years ago, one of the Harry Potter Quiddich matches was musically identical to the speeder chase in Episode II. I felt a little cheated at first, but then realized the guy is 80 years old and still pumping out several full orchestra scores a year, probably under the gun while the film is being edited and changed daily. I mean, how long does it take you to write and record a one-hour CD for half a dozen instruments?

Jeff DeHerdt

We're not talking about me. I have to rake the yard and clean the gutters. We're talking about the film score composing god who should be able to write unique themes in his two - four yearly 2 hour scores with full orchestra for his entire 50-60 year career. Is that too much to ask?

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